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  San Francisco, CA

Hi! I'm Mehul. I'm currently a senior @Stanford. Ex Microsoft, Amazon.


Creator. Programmer. Geek.

I am a senior at Stanford University pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science with a concentration in Human Computer Interaction, and a M.S. in Management Science and Engineering. I'm passionate about creating new technology and systems that help redefine the lives of people on a large scale. Even though computers have grown increasingly familiar to me over the years, they still continue to carry the same level of fascination for me as when I first began my explorations at the age of 10.

I love working in collaborative environments. One of my favorite activities is attending hackathons, since that gives me a platform to work at the intersection of two of my passions - innovation and collaboration.

I really enjoy teaching! Over the years, I have been a Section leader for CS106B: Programming Abstractions, and I'm currently a TA for MS&E 278: Patent Law and CS131: Computer Vision.

I represented India at the World Youth Scrabble Championship.
I love talking about esports. I also host an esports podcast!
I love to improvise!

An archive of my experience

Microsoft Corporation
Product Management Intern
June 2022 - September 2022

 Seattle, WA

Amazon, Inc.
Software Development Engineering Intern
June 2021 - September 2021

 Seattle, WA

I worked as a backend engineer on the IMDb platform, on the Consumer Reference team. I created production-ready video ingestion service from scratch, which brought down the time to upload a video to the IMDb platform from several minutes to a few seconds.

My first industry internship came with a lot of new experiences. From learning how to design software infrastructure to deploying code to beta for the first time, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Amazon.

Stanford Wehab Lab
Research Assistant
June 2020 - January 2021

 Remote - Stanford, CA

I worked on a project known as Facilitating Affect Regulation in children diagnosed with ASD, or FAR.

I developed an end-to-end haptic breathing pacer for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) using Swift and Arduino. I built an iOS app from scratch to manage the device and implemented bluetooth communication protocols between the app and the microprocessor on the device.

Department of CS
CS106 Section Leader
January 2021 - Current

 Stanford, CA

I am a section leader for CS106A and CS106B, Stanford's introductory CS sequence and largest undergraduate classes with typical enrollments of around 500 students per quarter.

I teach a weekly discussion section to solidify concepts taught in lecture and work through programming problems. I hold office hours, where I am responsible for answering questions and helping students debug their code. I also held workshops and assisted new Section Leaders through practice teaches.

Stanford University
B.S. Computer Science
September 2019 - June 2023

 Stanford, CA

Stanford was my dream school ever since I was 13. When I got here, it was everything I had imagined.

The scale and diversity of opportunities at Stanford were unprecedented, and they pushed to expand my perspective and challenge myself to the fullest. From being a member of Applied cybersecurity to playing tournaments on the men's ultimate team, I was able to truly develop my interests and find neww ones outside class.

Being in the presence of such remarkable peers and inspiring people, everyday at Stanford feels like a dream.

Delhi Public School, Rohini
Class of 2019
 New Delhi, India

DPS Rohini provided me with a platform to pursue everything I wanted to. I was an active quizzer and represented my school at national and state-wide Computer Science symposia.

Projects, projects everywhere

CS Senior Project

My team of 4 developed a scalable mobile application to provide caregivers of people with ASD with trusted resources and community support using React Native and Google Firebase.

The code for this project is private in accordance with the Stanford honour code.

Personal Project

At some point during the pandemic, scheduling utilities lost their appeal. Most were hard to use on phones, and thus I created WhatTimeWorks, a real-time organization application that helps you get availabilities and schedule events when a large number of people are involved.

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CS278: Social Computing

I, for one, enjoy doing niche things when I travel, such as experiencing the best café in town. Wanadu is a social application born out of the need to curate the best local experience for those that wish to get away from the popular tourist destinations.

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TreeHacks 2020

YesTrashCan is a modular CV project that classifies user waste and helps monitor waste levels on a centralized dashboard and make sustainability effortless. We used the nVidia Jetson Nano to run a CV model to classify waste.

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Requirement Tracker
Personal Project

As a freshman in college, I was overwhelmed with all the classes I wanted to take and the requirements I needed to fulfill. I decided to create an iOS application using Swift to make tracking degree progress more efficient for students.

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AngelHack 2018

Abridge is a web platform built using Python, Javascript and Google’s cloud suite that allows users to take notes seamlessly from speech. We used an attention based model to capture important parts of the text and summarize it.

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